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This article discusses the importance of "good" Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) use. I have copied a couple of the quotes I found important, and that summarized the article, below.

Robert J. Marzano, a prominent researcher who is co-founder and chief executive officer of Marzano Research Laboratory in Englewood, Colo., studied teaching and student outcomes in some 200 classes where teachers conducted lessons with and without interactive whiteboards.

"The teachers who were most effective using the whiteboards displayed many of the characteristics of good teaching in general: They paced the lesson appropriately and built on what students already knew; they used multiple media, such as text, pictures, and graphics, for delivering information; they gave students opportunities to participate; and they focused mainly on the content, not the technology."

“These are things good teachers would do without technology,” Marzano says. “Technically, you don’t need to use the technology, but it’s just so hard to do all these things without it.”

A link to the original study done by Marzano is here.

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